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Chapter #1 - Your Target Market


  • Finding Your Target Market Part 1
  • PDF Download
  • Finding Your Target Market Part 2

Chapter #2 - How to Design Your Planner


  • Design Your Planner
  • Design your planner PDF
  • Designing Your Planner (3 Part Videos)
  • Canva Designs
  • How To Make 3D Images of your Planner

Chapter #3 - How to Market Your Planner


  • How to Market Your Planner
  • Facebook Marketing Trick
  • Facebook Group Marketing Tip .

Chapter #4 - How to leverage your Planner

  • How to Leverage Your Planner

Chapter #5 - How to Get Your Planner Printed

  • Recommended Printers

Bonus - Tools to Use!


  • Flexible Camera Stand
  • How to Resize your Planner from 8.5x11 to another size

Live Broadcasts


  • Bonus Training 1
  • Bonus Training 2
  • Bonus Training 3

About Your Instructor

Taurea Avant

Taurea Avant

Business "Stand-Out" Coach

Author, Business Accelerator and International Speaker

Impacting the lives of business owners independent distributors in mind body and soul.

Taurea’s focus is on helping small-based business owners & independent distributors to develop, master, and remain committed to growing their businesses by providing valuable leadership and interpersonal skills. She offers timeless tips that support in real world interactions and discoveries on what it takes to be successful in today’s entrepreneurial world. She is a living example of creating a lifetime career and wants to help you get prepared for the journey. She knows what it takes to break through a multitude of challenges and focus on the future.

Her mission is to impact the lives of more than 10,000,000 men and women in business in mind, body and soul.


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Bonus Training

How to create ads to attract the right customers

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I will teach you the basics on how to create simple ads that will connect you to your target audience

Free Designs

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Dont worry! We have premade designs that you can also use to help get you to the next level of success. Just download them to your Canva account to use at no additional cost.

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