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The number one challenge that people tend to have is understanding WHAT THEY WANT TO DO. While I love helping entrepreneurs know how to make money with what they do, if you dont know what you do... THEN you will have a tough time getting stuck! That is the purpose of this course. First identifying what you want to to, how to identify who you will serve and then how to turn that into multiple streams of income. This course is the PRELIMINARY to all courses with System Mastery. 

Some of what you will learn 

  • Learn How to identify what is your Unique Selling Proposition 
  • Learn How to Create your Success Funnel 
  • How to create an Ebook in a day to give away and get more clients 
  • How to get likes on Facebook for $0.01 and increase your influence

Comes with Bonuses!

  • How to use Eventbrite and the Tools Training
  • How to Host Webinars
  • Vendoring at Events
  • 5 Things all Business Owners Need
  • Setting up your 30 Sec Commercial
  • Creating Your Blog
  • How to use Incentive Program
  • 10 Ways to Market and Promote Your Book
  • How to get people to your events

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About Your Instructor

Business "Stand-Out" Coach

Taurea Avant

Author, Business Accelerator and International SpeakerImpacting the lives of business owners independent distributors in mind body and soul.Taurea’s focus is on helping small-based business owners & independent distributors to develop, master, and remain committed to growing their businesses by providing valuable leadership and interpersonal skills. She offers timeless tips that support in real world interactions and discoveries on what it takes to be successful in today’s entrepreneurial world. She is a living example of creating a lifetime career and wants to help you get prepared for the journey. She knows what it takes to break through a multitude of challenges and focus on the future.Her mission is to impact the lives of more than 10,000,000 men and women in business in mind, body and soul.